Friday, 20 July 2007

Cuba (Part 1)

I joined my rugby club from Glasgow to tour Cuba for 10 days:

30 June:

Waiting in Gatwick for our 6 hour delayed flight, with images of burning vans being driven at Glasgow Airport on the TV, it was a chance to meet some of the new faces among the 50 odd tourists.

We are a very disparate club and the tour party reflects this; all ages, background and professions. It's the strength of the club, I think. [There is 5 pairs of father and son on tour]
All had gone really smoothly up to now; only one lad had lost his passport (drink had been taken the night before, we suspect) and was on his way back to Glasgow at serious expense to get a temporary replacement, and would not join the main party until day 4 in Cuba.

1 July:

Our hotel was well appointed. My roomey and I were among the first to check into our rooms (at about 2.00 am local time) and unsurprisingly were first to find the pool bar.
It seemed almost within moments of being told it was open 24/7 that we were joined by 50 pals. It was quite a few hours later (and a few "fan-heaters") before bed.

More to follow.

A full set of my pics of the tour can be found at Flikr

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