Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Cuba (Part 7)

7 July:

There's a match tonight against a Cuba select. Some of the guys who played for Havana a few days ago will be playing. Our boys were embarrassed when they were found so wanting physically in the previous match. They are determined to be ready this time, so very little drink for the "players" last night and no drink at all, except water and soft drinks today. The non-players, however, can make up for them. There's no need to confuse the hotel bar with an unexpected reduction in turnover, is there?It's a good game, we win, mainly because of better discipline, the Cubans give just too many penalties. We're joined at the match by a girl from the British Embassy; we've all got a formal invite to a reception at the Ambassador's residence. Proselytizing rugby, it seems, deserves official notice. Also, (I've only just learned) Glasgow and Havana are twinned !!! The BBC's new correspondent (all of three days in-country) has come along, not believing that he would see a game of rugby in Cuba. He's a Leicester Tigers man and thoroughly enjoys the match. He comes back to the hotel with us, taking interest in our Club and our reasons for choosing Cuba to tour. I take a mental note to remember "Our Man inHavana" as I'm sure we'll be hearing him report on momentously historical events in the near future. As he says, "Why do you think I tried so hard to get the post?".

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