Sunday, 31 December 2006

Bloody AA Travel References

Does anyone else share my real annoyance at all the traffic systems and reporting media that use the USELESS Automobile Association references for all non-motorway junctions in the UK. They only make sense to locals who are lucky enough to know their names, they don't appear on any normal reference sources, like maps for example. With the recent growth in Sat-Nav the anomaly is even more obvious.

Why not use simple, easily understood references that a travelling stranger will understand.

An example:

"There's a 3 mile hold-up on the southbound A80 at the Auchenkilns roundabout" ... Where ??? What's wrong with "at the A73 junction"; then anyone could find out where it actually is, sometimes even without a map.

Has the "institution" of the AA (a remarkable organisation that deserves great praise) blinded us to simple customer power. Give us what we want, not what someone thinks we need.

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